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i.d. laws in texas and in south carolina under the voting rights act in which the states have to prove -- those states have to prove it wouldn't disproportionately impact minorities. but in other places, it's sort of a state by state fight in some places they're in. gwen: what about florida -- i'm thinking of the states taking it on. there's a photo purge going on in florida. is this similar? >> it is similar but florida has a lot of things happening at once. gwen: as always. >> exactly. voter i.d. is not a fight for florida but there are plenty of other fights, like you mentioned, voter purge and also a sort of cutback in early voting this is something people are concerned about. >> i thought the supreme court had ruled on some of these issues. is it still unsettled law? >> the supreme court in 2008 upheld an indiana voter i.d. law that was very similar to this one. but they upheld it under the federal constitution standard. and these laws now are being challenged under state constitutions in which in some cases they have a much more robust defense of voting. for instance, in
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6 (some duplicates have been removed)